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Pre-employment screening companies are those that carry out background checking and all screening work on behalf of the employer. The companies do this with a variety of databases, sources, and methods that aim to gather information relevant to the suitability of the candidate for employment. The foremost purpose of pre-employment screening is to validate the credentials of a candidate, suitability for certain job roles, and reduce risks to the employer, such as fraud, theft, or violence in the workplace.

Key Players in the Industry

The pre employment screening services comnpanies industry is dominated by a few dominant companies that offer tailored comprehensive solutions to the needs of the employer. The leading companies are as follows:

Sterling: Sterling is the global leader in background and identity services with more than 40 years of experience. They serve over 25,000 organizations across the globe. The services offered include but are not limited to background checks, identity verification, and drug testing, with the primary focus on compliance with related laws and regulations.

HireRight: HireRight is another trusted supplier of background screening, drug testing, and employment verification services. They serve organizations of all sizes and industries. Their comprehensive solutions help employers make better hiring decisions while staying compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

Checkr: Checkr is a company specializing in modernizing the background check process using more advanced technology and user-friendly platforms. Their background check solutions include criminal background checks, driving records, and identity verification, and they are well known to improve the candidate experience and reduce time-to-hire.

Pre-employment screening services companies play a vital role in risk mitigation, compliance, and a proper decision-making power in hiring. Understanding how companies can structure for this purpose—what the key players are, the range of common practices, and considerations for employers—will enable organisations to navigate the complexities of pre-employment screening with confidence, ensuring maximum effectiveness of hiring. Right screening partner combined with a strategic approach has enabled organisations to build teams of talented and trustworthy individuals who contribute to success and growth.


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