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Handicap 1.75 Explained: Understanding How to Bet on 1.75 Handicap

The 1.75 handicap is considered a complex and challenging type of bet. Determining the outcome and the payout ratio is more intricate compared to straightforward handicaps like 2 or half handicaps like 1.5. However, with thorough understanding, you'll realize that every betting type follows certain rules, and with careful consideration, you can read vip betting tips grasp how to navigate this type of wager.

What is the -1.75 handicap?

The -1.75 handicap is a type of play in Asian handicap betting where the favored team gives up a handicap of 1.75 goals. The outcome is determined by the goal difference of two goals, and the 1.75 ratio is used to determine how much you win or lose.

Symbols in betting boards: 1.5 – 2, 1.5/2

Understanding the -1.75 handicap may seem more challenging compared to other betting types. However, as mentioned, every type of bet has its rules, and you can still win if you understand the strategies behind this type of wager.

Usually, the 1.75 handicap is set for matches between two teams with a significant difference in strength. This handicap is rarely offered in the first half unless there's a clear distinction in the teams' abilities and a high level of certainty. It typically occurs in matches where one team is considerably stronger than the other (For example: Thailand vs. Cambodia, matches between Premier League leaders and lower-tier teams in English football, etc.).

Explaining the -1.75 handicap

To understand how to bet on the 1.75 handicap, you need to determine when you win or lose money. The interesting aspect of this handicap is the concept of winning half and losing half. Let me explain the scenarios where you win the bet first, and then we'll discuss how to calculate the payout:

If the favored team wins by a margin of 3 goals or more, the favored team wins the full amount, and the underdog loses the full amount.

If the favored team wins by exactly 2 goals, half of your stake is returned, and the other half is lost.

If the favored team wins by 1 goal, or draws, or loses, the team with the handicap loses the full amount, and the other team wins the full amount.

To calculate the payout and ensure transparency in the bookmaker's financial dealings, use the following formulas:

Full win = Bet amount x odds

Half win = Bet amount x odds/2

Full loss = Bet amount

Half loss = Bet amount/2

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Understanding the 1.75 handicap can be confusing when explained solely in abstract terms. Therefore, I've compiled three examples for each scenario to help illustrate how to play this 1.5 – 2 handicap. Please note that the matches used for illustration have not yet taken place at the time of writing. The information is purely for explaining the handicap and does not serve as match analysis/prediction.

Understanding the 1.75 handicap with the Viktoria Plzen vs. Barcelona match:

In the match between Viktoria Plzen and Barcelona, the handicap is given to the away team, Barcelona, with a relatively high payout.

Suppose the match ends with a score of 1 – 4 in favor of Barcelona, and you placed a bet of 1,000K on this handicap.

Betting on Viktoria Plzen results in a loss of 1,000K.

Betting on Barcelona yields 1,000 x 1.01 = 1,010K.

Example of the 1.75 handicap with the Inter Milan vs. Sampdoria match:

Let's take the example of the match between Inter Milan and Sampdoria, where the handicap favors the home team, Inter. Suppose the match ends with Inter Milan winning 2 – 0 against Sampdoria, and you placed a bet of 1,000K before the match:

Betting on Inter Milan to win yields half the amount: 1,000K x 0.96 / 2 = 480K.

Betting on Sampdoria results in a loss of half the amount: 1,000K / 2 = 500K.

Understanding the 1.75 handicap through the Liverpool vs. Leeds United match:

Here's an example to understand when the favorite team loses the 1.5 – 2 handicap. This is a match between Liverpool and Leeds United.

Suppose you placed a bet of 1,000K on this match, and the score ends up being Liverpool 2 – 1 Leeds United. Accordingly:

Betting on Liverpool results in a loss of 1,000K.

Betting on Leeds United earns 1,000 x 0.93 = 930K.

Tips for Playing the 1.75 Handicap:

Playing the 1.5 – 2 handicap isn't difficult if you grasp the principles and tactics shared by experts. Here are some points to note:

In matches between the top team and mid-table team with a 1.5/2 handicap, consider betting on the underdog.

When both teams show inconsistent form, the favorite often wins narrowly, making it safer to bet on the underdog.

If the favorite team has a stable form, prefers attacking play, and has effective forwards, you can consider betting on them.

When there's a significant gap between the teams but the handicap offered is large, consider not betting as it's easy to fall for trap odds.

If the teams have a history of previous encounters, check their win-loss ratio and goals scored by both sides. Evaluate this along with their current form to make a sensible choice.

If a team needs points to avoid relegation or change their position in the standings, consider betting on them even if they are the underdog. Their determination can lead to unexpected outcomes.


The 1.75 handicap can be a confusing type of bet because it involves determining half wins and half losses. With information daily betting tips app on how to calculate payouts and determine wins and losses, you should now be able to understand and consider suitable betting options.


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